T he originators of aerodynamic light-weight honey-combed resinous luff support systems since 1971.







Company History

Head Foil®, for a continuous luff support system, was derived by contracting head stay and airfoil. Since the early seventies Head Foil® plastic luff support systems, have, and are giving a competitive edge on small racing sloops to large ocean racing sailing yachts.

Due to the improved light-weight honey-combed construction and refined aerodynamic shapes, Head Foils have easily migrated to the new carbon and FBO forestay rigs as a result of their light weight.  Most recently 'Teton' (81' Reichel/Pugh) won this year
Miami -Jamaica race.  New developments continue to be underway to offer that competitive edge for discerning sailors.

Refining Head Foils for aerodynamic superiority is our most important objective. Two J/24s were used in sea trials for comparing the performance of hanked-on jibs versus various shapes of Head Foils. Boat speed calibration was preformed using "identical" sails and crew weight. Significant boat speed increase was observed when a Head Foil® is applied to one boat. The Head Foil
® test section is then switched from the faster boat to the "slower" boat, again, with the same result. This observation was followed by water tunnel experiments using dyes released upstream of  aerodynamic sections being tested.  More details will be offered in our Product Development section, with videos of the actual sea trials and water tunnel test sections.  This to be published in an updated site with newly developed products where aerodynamics and Head Foil weights are compared with other systems.  Please refer to our product section to see our current weights.

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